Below you will find several use cases showing how we can solve problems, improve performance and save resources.

The problem: Unreasonable location points

A significant number of field units reported unreasonable location points. These units reported significant location movements of the subject in unreasonably short periods of time. In some cases it was verified, by other means, that the subject was stationary during these reports.


These ill-reporting field units were located in areas of no GPS coverage, usually inside subjects’ homes. As a result, the location reports were based on LBS. However, since the LBS coverage provided by the service provider at that area was single-cell based and of poor coverage, the location data received was significantly inaccurate (many miles apart in urban environment).


Another cellular provider was found with much superior LBS coverage. In collaboration with the equipment supplier, necessary adjustments were made to the communication protocol of the new LBS provider. No similar problems were observed after these modifications.

Operating costs savings

Before this solution was found, a special team was assigned to arrive at the subject’s site in order to try to locate and solve the problem. After the solution was implemented, that team was dismissed. A financial estimate of 2 staff members + car and expenses are about 400 Euros per day, or about 12,000 Euros a month.


The client suffered for a long time from this fault, believing it was inevitable. In a relatively long program that runs for several years, it is worth to invest in problem solving as soon as detected, in order to increase the period of time when the program runs smoothly. Once the analysis was complete, it was easier for all relevant bodies to cooperate and solve the problem.