“Are we OK ?”
Evaluator for the Electronic Monitoring professionals

The following are questions each EM program manager should ask him/herself:

Generally speaking, do things go smoothly with your Electronic Monitoring system? Or you deal with technical and operational issues routinely?

Does the EM system meet your needs and expectations?

Do you get the appropriate support from your vendor? Does the actual handling by the vendor meet the Service Level Agreement?

Is data availability and integrity checked routinely? Meaning, do you verify, periodically the data backup and availability? Do you know where your backed up data is? Can you access it?

Is the failover mechanism tested periodically? Meaning, are you ready for the cases of network, server, storage, electricity failure?

Is the installation process efficient? Do you need to re-visit the subject after installation and before end of program? Do you pay (money and attention) for more installation shifts to handle these re-visits?

False Alarms - Are the operators "masked" by too many alarms? Based on the system alarms and indications, do you have difficulties making decisions? Is the subject really in violation when the system declares "subject is missing" or "TX missing"?

System consistency – Does the installation process take about the same time or is each installation different? Do you have false location points? Do you know how much time the battery will last? Do you get consistent answers from the EM vendor? These are examples of indications to the system behavior, whether it consistent or there are variants.

Are you OK with the equipment handling (EH) and logistic aspects? Do you know ahead that the equipment you are going to install has the sufficient battery life and it is ready for new subject/offender? Do you know ahead what the strap status is?

Do you get knowledge from the EM system, or is it just data? Can you get into conclusions, insights, and activities from the data in the EM system?

Thanks for your attention.
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