External Add on Systems for Enhanced Performance

In many cases add on systems or applications can dramatically enhance the value of a current Electronic Monitoring system.

We identify with our clients the requirements, define systems and applications that support and complement their current equipment, take care of their supply and integrate them with the customer’s system.  [see example]

The evolution and maturity of the Electronic Monitoring field, expand the requirements sets of clients. These clients seek ways to increase the efficiency of their EM staff.

Here are some notable examples, among many, for systems and applications that we have identified with our clients as missing, and could have provided significant added value:

  • A system that monitors the Electronic Monitoring tools and indicates crashes.
  • Dialing and recording system – records and retrieves the calls of the subjects and staff.
  • Flexible report generator that allows the client to produce a report according to their requirements.
  • A system supporting the management of work protocols in the Monitoring Center (MC).

We will act, together with you, to locate performance-enhancing systems and applications.