Second thoughts about Alcohol Monitoring?

About six years ago I led a group of professionals who had to submit recommendations regarding development of a new Alcohol Monitoring device. The most important aspect that we had to analyze was whether there is a real demand for Alcohol Monitoring devices among the responsible agencies.  We started our work with the understanding that alcohol consumption is one of the major causes to domestic violence and other crimes.

Surprisingly, after deep dive into the research we couldn’t find any evidence that a growth is expected in this type of devices. In Europe the overall demand looked like nothing (The picture, in the US, by the way, is slightly different. There is a usage of Alcohol Monitoring devices, but, the growth rate was not significant, if at all). The recommendation was to avoid, at that point in time, the development of a new device. During the years after, we tracked the trends and found the recommendation justified.

We couldn’t be sure about the reasons. We heard “it is interesting”, “the alcohol consumption is part of domestic violence” and more, but we couldn’t find the agency or country in Europe that is going to make such monitoring. I heard the reason that the alcohol consumption is part of the human rights and the problem is the violence and not the alcohol. I don’t know if this is the reason, or maybe others exist, but the fact was that there is no demand, in Europe.

Are there second thoughts in the UK?