Less hassle better performance

During the preliminary conversation with clients, we almost always find out that a substantial part of their resources is dedicated to dealing with technical problems. These problems seriously interfere with the quality of the professional management of the Electronic Monitoring program. Resources devoted to dealing with these problems are far beyond the client’s initial expectations, especially after having invested significantly in the orderly procurement process of an advanced technology system. [see example]

Our consulting services combine a thorough understanding of the clients expectations from the Electronic Monitoring system, our intimate acquaintance with up-to-date technologies and suppliers of Electronic Monitoring equipment.

Our consulting is focused, applicable, gets right to the point and quickly achieves improved results.

We offer a wide spectrum of services, from solving a specific problem all the way to a complete project. Any such service is based on a structured, well-defined and consistent process.

Diversity of services assisting community supervision agencies

Services provided prior to selecting and signing an agreement with the system supplier

  • Preparing a precise needed budget for the EM tender.
  • Creating a reliable vendors database.
  • Presenting the pros and cons of various alternatives available in the market.
  • Presenting alternatives to specific requirements that allows the procurement group to arrive at the optimal decision.
  • Formulation of detailed and precise definition of the responsibilities of the Electronic Monitoring system supplier to the client, such as writing tenders, RFP and contractual commitments both from the technical and operational aspects.
  • Planning and testing selected equipment, executing pilots and acceptance tests.

Improve performance and ease of use of current systems

Assistance in applying the operational protocols of Electronic Monitoring
We’ll provide counseling regarding the optimal operational method of the monitoring center: operation protocols, installation and testing of field unit procedures, roles and responsibilities in the monitoring center and so on.

Performing periodical system performance tests

In order to avoid catastrophes, we’ll test the critical system operational aspects such as: high data availability, preservation of privacy, securing system access and real time crash alerts. We’ll cooperate with the relevant bodies in order to resolve these detected issues.

Solving problems that arise during program operation

  • Restoring and diagnosing a problem in order to determine whether it originated from operator or equipment fault. Based on this diagnosis, we will work with the appropriate bodies (system supplier, operators etc.) in order to provide the right solution. We’ll represent the client in front of the technical bodies of the suppliers, enabling the client to utilize the system to the fullest extent possible.
  • Minimizing false alarms and managing them when they happen.
  • Reducing the number of supervised house visits due to operational problems, equipment problems, long and needlessly complex installations, etc…

Finding solutions to ad hock problems

Such as: the need to keep a person away from a specific location for a short period of time, escorting prisoners/inmates to court, etc…