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Other Perspective on Innovation and EM

Professionals of Electronic Monitoring (EM) are talking about what is missing in current EM solutions and why they don’t notice any significant improvements, not to mention innovations. I heard a lot during the years about such anticipated improvements/innovations. Just to mention a few: Communication with the offender  Inter-agency work  Supporting decision makers Comprehensive reliability Usually, […]

Second thoughts about Alcohol Monitoring?

About six years ago I led a group of professionals who had to submit recommendations regarding development of a new Alcohol Monitoring device. The most important aspect that we had to analyze was whether there is a real demand for Alcohol Monitoring devices among the responsible agencies.  We started our work with the understanding that […]

How to Prepare an EM tender

In the following white paper, we tried to provide a specific observations for the professional who are facing a new EM tender. Your feedback is welcome. How to prepare an EM tender May 2018

Before starting GPS program

Introduction The two main technologies in use for monitoring offender’s whereabouts: location tracking (a.k.a. GPS) and proximity sensing (a.k.a. RF) Theoretically, location tracking is the general case of tracking everywhere including at home. Proximity sensing enables a supervisor to check whether the offender is near a specific home unit (HU). The hidden assumption here is […]

Ethical and professional standards in Electronic Monitoring

I recently reviewed (again) the Recommendation CM/Rec(2014)4 of the Committee of Ministers to member States on electronic monitoring. I find it to be a definite manifesto of Electronic Monitoring in Europe.  This document covers the ethical standards of Electronic Monitoring programs. What makes this guide stand out is the fact that it is written from […]

How to prepare a new tender – Part 2

Function vs. Technical and Operational Specifying functional requirements is tricky: The functional requirement of “reporting subject location in real time” can be interpreted as a 1-Piece or 2-Piece solution, reporting each minute or every 10 seconds, with a precision of 10 meters or 5 kilometers in different probabilities, and the battery will maintain 36, 24 […]

Dreaming of a Better World or Why We Must Push for Standardization of Electronic Monitoring

Imagine….  Electronic Monitoring is no longer based on the electronic bracelets, but rather, on a cutting-edge no-tag, self-installing solution that seamlessly interfaces with a user-friendly and flexible application that can be managed on the move. The EM programs manage all the stages of offender’s rehabilitation from in-facility tracking to location-based tracking outdoors. The EM solutions […]

How to prepare a new tender

Whether it is the first, second, or even third or fourth time you are going to prepare a new tender, there are still many aspects you should take into account and be aware of. I cannot overestimate the significance of preparing a good tender. This is where you, the customer of the EM system, are […]


This Post was written by Mr. Nuno Caiado – Head of Portuguese EM dept. Portugal started using Electronic Monitoring for Domestic Violence (DV) several years ago. Since 2012, it initially started with RF reverse tagging and later, GPS technology, which meant territorial and mobile exclusion zones, along with involving the victim in the Electronic Monitoring operations. […]